The Full Picture Approach Marketing Strategy

See the whole staircase without getting overwhelmed on your next step—that’s what happens when you have an aligned marketing strategy.

I help you get clear on all the pieces you need for an empowering plan—your message, your offer, your blog and social media content, and your advertising (organic and paid). Your Full Picture Approach Marketing plan will be sent as an easy to follow PDF, with visuals and examples, all customized to your unique business.

This is the blueprint that every coach needs, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the scene for a while. Results follow where your focus leads. Let’s get your results by getting you focused!

Timeline: A customized strategy will be delivered via email within 2 weeks after the client onboarding call. Ideal for coaches who need marketing direction, but are DIY when it comes to executing the plan.

Facebook™ Ads Management — Lead Generation

Stop wasting your money and time trying to learn Facebook™ when you should be coaching. I’ve spent 100s of hours learning and testing on the platform with one purpose: to find the best ways to advertise a coaching service.

Fact: The Facebook™ platform was not built to be difficult. But, advertising isn’t really about the platform. It’s about the relevant emotional connection.

Most agencies only sell you a campaign and then say, “Good luck!” My agency is the only one that offers a full advertising package: Market research, clarify your offer, funnel creation, copywriting, campaign setup and management. This package is for generating ideal leads to your offer or your email list. Ideal for coaches ready to work with their ideal clients and can spend at least $200 on advertising.

Timeline: Your campaign package will require 1-3 weeks after the client onboarding call and before campaign setup. Length of time depends level of research and preparation needed to create your offer and funnel. Package fee covers the items listed above. Ad spend (recommended $100 for testing, plus $20/day for the length of the campaign) as well as any funnel or website software are client’s responsibility.

A La Carte Services

The “a la carte” menu of services do not require a retainer fee. Book a free consultation to learn more about pricing and to work with me.

  • Audience and Offer Market Research
  • Copywriting (i.e. headlines, ad copy, email marketing, and sales pages)
  • Content Planning and Organization (blog and social media)
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Email List Building
  • Sales Funnel Strategy and Construction
  • Sales Script Consulting
  • Facebook™ Advertising Strategy, Campaigns, and Management
  • Full Marketing Strategy Planning for Coaches

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Certified by Digital Marketer™ copywriting specialist, Feb. 2019