You need high quality content, but quality content takes time. 

Hey, business owner! The Internet likes to say, “We all have 24 hours in a day, just like Beyonce.” Except, Queen Bee has a small army. (Triggered.) Your 24 hours are packed with clients, family and a little crucial thing called self-care. 

The last thing you need is someone telling you that you’re not doing enough marketing.

But…you really could be doing more.

Hi, I’m Diana, a freelance content marketing specialist and writer for hire.

Content marketing has proven for two decades to be the best lead gen source, with one of the highest conversion rates over time . (See marketing industry leaders sources here, here, and here.) 

Content builds connection. In a crowded online market, connection is everything with these savvy consumers. You can’t afford to NOT put out high quality content, consistently.

This is where I come in. If you would rather not spend hours each week researching, writing, editing and posting content that your audience will LOVE, then it’s time to get an extra brain. 

My agency, SMP LLC, is short for Style Method Press, LLC. My organized and engaging method is the style your business needs.

The content I create is optimized to rank in search engines (especially Google) and boost your social media shares. Sharing is caring and gets your website more traffic.

I have several certifications from Digital Marketer™ including content marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization, and email marketing. 

As a CEO, you know that marketing is so much more than a logo. And writing is more than just words on a screen. Your content marketing strategy is deeper than a blog post. It’s the start of a conversation and the best way to humanize your brand. A proper strategy builds your audience of avid fans authentically and purposefully. 

Writing topics, from my life and business experience, focus on (but are not limited to):

  • Minimalism and organization
  • Natural and holistic living
  • Fashion, style, responsible consumption
  • Mindset, motivation, spirituality 
  • Self-worth and life coaching

I invite you to check out my blog for writing samples and my portfolio page to see my style of writing.

Ready to get custom, exclusive content for your biz? I would love to collaborate with you! Learn more on my Hire Me page.